Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London

i love london Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – LondonGood morning Ifa’shionista!

Last week, our flight was cancel…as now the weather is better, let’s continue our trip and stop by London before going to Paris.

Bridgid from the fashion blog Pho&Chips has the pleasure to guide us through the city.


Can you introduce yourself and your blog? 

I’m a Kiwi girl, born and bred in New Zealand – but with a Vietnamese mother and English father. Although my ‘home’ is in NZ, I feel equally at home in Asia and Europe as well! I studied Mandarin at university and lived for 5 years in Beijing, China before moving to London in April this year. My blog is a passion of mine, that sprung out of a love of fashion, travel, and photography – it’s a personal style diary, but also a record of my travels and a way to practice and develop my love of photography, and also share my experiences, outfits, and passions with my readers. The name is based on my Vietnamese & English heritage – I love the mix of East and West, and am equally happy enjoying a steaming bowl of hot pho in the middle of chaotic Hanoi, as I am having a fresh batch of fish and chips in Hyde Park!

IMG 2589 278x300 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – LondonBridgid


Can you describe London in 2 or 3 sentences?

London is a thriving, pulsing metropolis of cultures, languages, traditions, and history. It’s a wonderful contrasting mixture of the gritty, refined, old and modern, challenge and reward, and is so full of life and activity that at times it’s hard to keep up! As the great Winston Churchill said ‘he who tires of London, tires of life’ – so here I am, getting stuck in to one of the busiest and most dynamic cities in the world!


What are the styles and fashion trends currently happening in London? 

In terms of London street fashion there are fall trends that are probably pretty universal, however there are a few typical styles that Londoners love and can be identified after a few days of being here:

- The Hipster Look – snug sweaters, Ray Bans, coloured socks, rolled up trousers

 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London

- The Festival Look – boots, short denim cutoffs, shirts, hats,

 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London

- The Casual-Chic Look – baggy jeans, leather jackets,

 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London

-The Uber Fashionista Look – on-trend prints, gold/mauve tones, sharp shoes,

 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London

Alexa Chung

 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London

Kate Moss

-The Vintage Look – thrifted clothes & accessories

 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London


London is a great place to experiment and play with different trends & styles. With September just around the corner, I’m excited to see what British designers will bring to Fashion Week!


Where are popular destinations to shop in London? 

There are so many great places to shop in London. Harrods is of course the most famous of the posh shopping malls, along with Harvey Nichols and Selfridges too. Liberty is probably my favourite of the posh department stores as it’s a beautiful old building and right next to Carnaby St and Covent Garden which has some great trendy little places to shop. Kings Road and Marlyebone are home to some beautiful, posh boutiques. Topshop is Britain’s most famous high street brand, and they can be found all over the city, along with Barbour and AllSaints – two other very popular, very British clothing labels. High street shopping is popular along Oxford St and Regent’s St, or at either of the Westfield Malls (Shepherd’s Bush, and Stratford). If you’re into vintage shopping, definitely check out the markets in Brixton or East London – in Spitafields, Shoreditch Upmarket, and all along Brick Lane you can find great little stores and packed with interesting finds!

 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London


 Week 7: Ifa’shion Globe Trotter – London



What are some famous fashion designers to hail from Britain?

There are a huge number of talented and famous British designers, but perhaps the most well-known would be Alexander McQueen, closely followed by Sarah Burton, and Christopher Bailey from Burberry. There are many many others of course, including Vivienne Westwood, Alice Temperley, Christopher Kane, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Matthew Williamson, Peter Jensen, Stephen Jones, Geoffrey J Finch… I’m a big fan of the ‘up-and-comers’ of the British design scene as well – a favourite is JW Anderson who has an amazing aesthetic & has already achieved so much at such a young age! Although they’re not designers as such, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung deserve a little mention, as their personal style & legions of British fashion bloggers that have since developed online have had a huge impact on the British (and global!) fashion scene.


What fashion designer or fashion quote has inspired you the most?

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’ – Coco Chanel

I love this quote. It’s a reminder that while it’s fun to recognize and appreciate trends, in the end it’s more important to develop your own ‘eternal’ style that feels right for you.


Besides all the shopping, what is the one or two places that our readers should not miss if they visit London ?

Oh there’s so much to see! If you only had 24 hours in London and it was your first visit, I would advise going for a stroll along Southbank – it’s a really relaxed & pretty walk along the Thames which takes in Tower Bridge, London Eye, Tate Modern, Globe Theatre and Borough Market – then either catch a ferry to Greenwich for a picnic, or go to Covent Garden to enjoy the food & pub scene and catch a stage show in the West End!


Do you have any fashion tips or advice to give to our readers?

Fashion should be fun! If you’re like me and don’t have a huge budget, try to choose pieces that you really love and know will last you well – but don’t forget to experiment a little every now and again as it’s fun to mix things up! A mix of inexpensive, high street brands punctuated with classic designer pieces here and there is a good way to stay both trendy & tasteful.


Discover Bridgid’s fashion blog: http://phoandchips.com/


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