IFA Paris’s MBA Fashion Business allows students to pursue postgraduate education entirely taught in English in Paris or with an option of 12 weeks in Shanghai, China. This unique program allows students to build career skills and gain a full understanding of all aspects, opportunities and challenges of working in fashion business today. Paris, still the undeniable world’s fashion capital, is the perfect location for such a program to understand the cultural, industrial and market forces that shape the fashion world today.

In order to excel in fashion business, industry professionals can’t only depend on general business and marketing theory and practices. The unique nature of fashion limits the application of these methods. Unlike most other industries, fashion companies deal with volatile fluctuations and evolution in consumer preferences and unpredictable behavior arising from uncontrollable factors including seasons, fast evolving fads communicated by the media and sudden society changes in emerging countries.

This multidisciplinary program covers a wide range of courses including marketing communication, merchandising, buying, retail management, consumer psychology, distribution as well as other fashion business related modules. During the program, students will have the opportunity to work on industry sponsored projects in cooperation with international brands, attend fashion eventslisten to guest speakers and visit leading brands stores, design studios and factories.

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